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Double K is responsible for treating photos to big marketing campaigns, magazines, artists publicity, CDs, DVDs, catalogues, and many others visual communication materials. Our work with image treatment is always delivered within the due date, and with all requested changes and needs required by our clients. We give our clients peace of mind and certainty that our image enhancement services is high quality and respectful to deadlines. 

Photo enhancement work done by Double K to major magazine covers in Brazil.

Photo enhancement work done by Double K to marketing campaigns ads. 

Outsource your photo treatment needs to us.

Focus on what is most important for your studio.

Have more time to do business and make new clients.

Deliver your photos with professional quality.


Photo Enhancement



For you, photographer, who would rather invest your time, focus and energy taking photos and working on your art, instead of spending time retouching or enhancing photos, but who, at the same time cares a big deal about the quality of the photos that will be delivered to your clients, Double K is here to help you! 


Leave the photo retouching, editing, manipulation, restoration and enhancement part with us,  editing part to us and use your time on what you love the most: taking pictures!

Check out our Video


Photo Enhancement

for your needs 


Check out or video presenting the step-by-step process to have your photos treated by the Double K team!

We do photo enhancement according to every single request from our clients, from photo manipulation to big agencies and magazine covers, to services to amateur photographers or photograph enthusiasts.  

Find out more about our Photo Enhancement and Retouching services. Meet all types of photo treatment our team can do for you!

Let's grow together!

Details that make 

a big difference


If you are thinking about starting your own business or perhaps an e-commerce,  the image and look of your product is a fundamental part in the sales process. A well presented product makes a huge difference. Do not take the appearance of your products for granted. It will make a big difference on your business results.   


Leave the enhancement of your product photos with us!

Let's grow together!

Photos Correction!


Double K treats photos to beginner photographers who need an extra hand and extra touch on their photos, as well as people who need some work done on their personal photos, such as special events pictures, wedding photos, birthday photos, graduation pictures and other types photos that by any reason are not the way you hope they would. 


Just tell us about the work you want us to do on your photos and we will be happy to do it!. Read more



The Double K team is extremely professional.  It offers exclusive and very thoughtful attention, they are great with deadlines and, most importantly, have perfect technique and quality.  They were responsible for improving and fixing my wedding photos, and did a wonderful job.  They use their talented team to give me the chance to have a great memory of a wonderful occasion in my life. Now I've got a beautiful wedding album! I am eternally grateful to the Double K Team. Thank you and wish you lot of success!

DK Client, Restoration of Wedding Photos 

Double K is an excellent service provider for those in the Photography business.  Very professional, agile, and responsible for doing the photo enhancement of photos of recognized photographers, which makes me very confident and relaxed in relation of their talent and experience, which can be verified on every pixel of the images they touch.  Our studio is thankful to this great partnership. We know we can count with Double K with our eyes closed to have our photos enhancement needs met.

Fabiano Sanches, Professional Photographer, 8 years in the Photography Business 

The Double K team was and still is irreplaceable when it comes to professionalism in photo enhancement services. I trust my photos to get enhanced and retouched by them and refer they to all my photographer colleagues that seek greater quality and agility in their workflow. Thanks Double K for our partnership. I am sure we both will achieve great heights! 

Maria Rita, Photographer at  Ritinha Corain Photographer

My business website required photos with high professional quality. The Double K team worked on the enhancement of the images of my website with great quality and within the dead line I asked. I recommend Double K to everyone who needs photo enhancement services. 

Pedro, Business Consultant

How does it work?


The process to have your photos enhanced by our team is quite simple! Read below about how to request our photo enhancement services. For further information, click HERE.


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Let's grow together?

Together we will build a

great and lasting partnership

Double K makes photo enhancement and manipulation services to professional photographers, studios, marketing agencies, magazines, newspapers, as well as amateur photographers and photo enthusiasts that appreciate a nice photo treatment.

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