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Photo Enhancement of Personal Photos

Some important events are registered in photos, but not all of them look good or truly represents the moment

For the most common events 



Are you having issues of the photos of the most special day of your life? The photos didn't turn out the way you wanted and desired?  We can help by doing photo enhancement procedures on your wedding photos, or on the graduation photos, or perhaps of a birthday party.

We can help fix your hair, remove the background, change colors, remove unknown people from the pictures, fix your makeup. or just make the whole picture look cleaner, lighter, more colorful. And don't worry, we guarantee 100% confidentiality.


Do you want to work on your picture because something went wrong? We are here for you!  


The Double K team helps brides, graduates, and everybody else that for any reason are not completely satisfied with the way their photos turned out.


At our office, it is very common to receive requests like these:

"I need to enhance and retouch my wedding pictures", 

"My ripped dress appeared on the photo", 
"I am not happy with how my nose looks in the photo"

"My hair ir not looking great in this picture"

"I don't know this person in the picture. Please remove him"
"Can you make my arms look smaller?"

"Please remove sweat stains from this picture"

"I want to improve my professional resume Photo"

The Double K team receives and respects all kinds of requests. We are very happy to be able to help our clients to improve the quality of their best memories.

Our clients seek for personal photos enhancement, retouch and improvement, so that their memories of a special moment will be truly represented in a photo.


What would you like to look different or better on those pictures you love? We will do everything in our power to help you! Contact us! 

Observation: Some of the changes you require may not be possible to perform.

Contact us and tell us about what types of photo enhancement services your are looking for, and we will let you know in details if it will be possible to assist you! We will do everything possible to help you!

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