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Images and Photo Treatment

Whether your photo needs adjusts on silhouettes, removal of unwanted or enlarged body parts, or enhancement of colors, we can make the ideal improvement of your photos. 


Our photo improvement services perfectly removes imperfections on images, by the usage of manipulation and correction techniques.

Photo / Image 





Photo treatment that improves the quality of the skin appearance, making the skin look smooth and natural.  

At this photo enhancement type, we work on the smaller details, in order to make the models skin to look beautiful and not artificial.


With our photo enhancement service, your model's skin look will be perfect!

Merge of Images





We are experts on performing photo enhancement containing perfect color equalization for each type of picture.

With our image enhancement on colors, we make corrections on brightness, contrast, lighting, shadow and other details that make the photo more pleasant and harmonious. 




It is common that in the day of the photo shoot, you don't find the clothes and accessories in the colors you want or need. Don't worry, Double K can help you with that! 

With our Color Correction photo treatment, this type of problem is solved once and for all! 

Our photo color correction changes the colors on clothing or objects with perfection. 

Removal of objects

and other elements


At the time of the photo, it is possible that a few unwanted objects or other elements appear in the photo, or maybe the location is not the best to take the perfect photo.


Our work includes removing unwanted objects to the perfect, most detailed level, making it seem like the objects or elements where never there in the first place.


With us, this type of situation is not a problem anymore!



It is normal that, in the day of the photo shoot for a product catalogue, you don't have a product in mint condition to be taken photos.  Sometimes the products are damaged, rusty, or missing pieces.

However, for the catalogue, you can't use photos like that. Without an appropriate photo restoration service, your catalogue will be of no use. 

Double K is expert in performing Photo Restoration services, specially on photos of damaged objects.

We do photo restoration services on older photos as well, to make it seem like new. We make the photo or the product appear brand new, or we can also remove more evident defects, leaving the image with a more pleasant appearance. 

We remove or change backgrounds of photos. Many times a photo must have the background removed in order for them to be used on ads or to apply them in other backgrounds. 

Our background removal service allows your photos or images to have their backgrounds removed, which helps on the conclusion of the job that will be done using the photo, since after having its background removed, the photo can be easily manipulated and applied anywhere, without wasting time. 


Change or Removal



Observation: Some of the changes you require may not be possible to perform.

Contact us and tell us about what types of photo enhancement services your are looking for, and we will let you know in details if it will be possible to assist you!

We will do everything possible to help you!

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